How to Flip a Video Using Windows Movie Maker

Update: Since Windows Movie Maker is no longer supported, I recommend using Video Proc to horizontally flip a video. I'm leaving this post here for those who are continuing to use Movie Maker.

Within Windows Movie Maker, it's easy to figure out how to rotate a video. On the Home tab, there are options to rotate right (clockwise) or left (counter-clockwise).

But what if you want to flip a video, either horizontally or vertically, instead of rotating it? It turns out it's buried in the list of visual effects, and it's called "mirror" instead of flip.

To horizontally or vertically flip a video on Windows using Movie Maker:
  1. Open Movie Maker and import the video
  2. Select the "Visual Effects" tab and scroll down to the "Mirror" section -- you might have to click the expander button under the scrollbar to see all the section headings
  3. Click "Mirror horizontal" to flip the video horizontally, or "Mirror vertical" to flip it vertically
  4. Save the flipped video

Here's how to install Movie Maker, in case you don't have it. Unfortunately, I just tried installing it on a Windows 10 laptop, running Build 17763, and the Windows Live Essentials installer no longer works for me. (It was discontinued by Microsoft in 2017, but it has far more features than the new video-editing software in Windows Photos that supposedly replaced it.)

Tip: You can quickly import a video into Movie Maker by dragging the file from File Explorer onto the right-hand side of Movie Maker.

Do you know of a Windows video editor that makes it just as easy to flip a video? Comment below.

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