How to Flip a Video On Windows 10 Using VideoProc

The Short Answer:
  1. Download and install Video Proc
  2. Wade through the promo material that's loaded into the free version
  3. Click the + Video button at the top to add the video you want to flip
  4. Click the Rotate button below your video
  5. Click "Horizontal Flip" or "Vertical Flip", depending on which way you want to flip your video
  6. Click Done
  7. Finally, click the Run button to process your video -- the new file will be saved and VideoProc will open the folder where it saved it

The Longer Answer:

There isn't one! If you run into questions or have issues, feel free to post a comment. The one other thing you might want to consider is your preferred output format. I typically use the default MP4 target format.

If you like Video Proc, consider buying it. Last I checked, the one-year license was discounted to about $30. It's one of those tools that does common things simply, without trying to be a full-featured video editor.

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