XGIMI Pro "Device fan is abnormal"

What does it mean if you start your XGIMI Pro projector and briefly see an error message to the effect that the device fan is "abnormal" before the device automatically turns off?

The Short Answer: You probably just need to charge your device.


I bought an XGIMI Pro projector a while back, and have used it quite a bit to project TV and movies on the wall, the ceiling, a hanging white tablecloth, etc. My original motivation was to have a "monitor" that my wife can use when her back problems have her in bed for extended periods of time. I can connect her laptop to the projector via HDMI, configure Windows to use the projector as a duplicate monitor (Windows key + P), and use the XGIMI Pro's tripod mount to point it pretty much anywhere. I've also experimented with laying the projector on its back inside a dish drying rack, to make sure it has some "breathing space" for heat ventilation, and then placing the drying rack on the bed... but any movement of the bed jostles the projector and causes it to refocus, which is a bit annoying.

I love my XGIMI Pro. But there are two design flaws that combine to create a problem that I hope is fixed in future models:
  • Turning the device all the way off so it's not draining its battery isn't all that obvious, and somehow it seems like the device ends up getting turned back on in my luggage, possibly because the power button is too easily depressed
  • If the battery is drained, the device will report a misleading fan error even when it's plugged in

The only solution I've found is to charge the device for an hour or so and then try again. I suspect the device draws power from its battery to run the fan, rather than drawing directly from the DC charger.

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