Podcast Recommendation On Why Anti-Left Sentiment Is On the Rise Globally

For those who've given thought to why anti-left, anti-progressive sentiment has been on the rise globally, I found this to be a great 90-minute discussion between Ezra Klein and Pippa Norris of factors at play in the cultural movements and generational differences that underlie the rise of the MAGA movement in the US and similar anti-progressive movements around the world. Not much that's new for me here, but a good cohesive review of recent political history and what may be driving anti-left sentiment.

Some of the factors:
  • Generations that grow up with less economic concern have the freedom to push for social and cultural change, eroding norms valued by traditional/conservative populations and creating new, more socially liberal norms embraced by popular culture
  • As norms shift, older generations and populations not involved in redefining cultural expectations and human rights (e.g., gay marriage) find themselves disoriented and potentially marginalized or even "cowed" by the louder voices of change (hence the "silent majority")
  • "Woke"/progressive culture creates new norms of communication and behavior, putting pressure on those with traditional values, ultimately making them feel repressed, hence the explosion of right-wing concern over free speech and resistance to "nanny" rules and guidelines
  • Immigration and changes in racial power structures have endangered the status quo; threatened certain privileges for populations that have enjoyed majority status; contributed to the sense of disorientation; and provided easy fodder for populist politicians
  • Exploration of why transgressive behavior appeals to right-leaning voters, even if they wouldn't approve of it in their own daily lives

So much here lines up with conversations I've had with members of my family who are fed up with progressive culture and relieved to see the right on the rise, even if they dislike much of what comes with that.

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