News Sources I Respect

Concerned about misleading partisan news, I've started a list of news sources I respect. While they are not without some bias, it's my impression that they are committed to presenting supportable facts -- the essence of journalism -- and making it clear when their content is opinion-based. I am by no means an authority on the veracity of news, but I do have a high opinion of quality journalism, and I strive to fill my head with information and ideas as much in line with reality as possible. The Internet is awash in misinformation, unsupported opinion, and outright propaganda. Quality journalism is worth paying for, and I encourage you to subscribe/donate to these news sources.

This list is a work in progress, a place for me to come back to when I want to make sure I'm getting a "balanced media diet", as described in this excellent piece from Slate: Can You Believe It?

To help make sure you're getting a balanced diet, check the bias of your news sources at MBFC (Media Bias/Fact Check). Bias is subjective, and exists to some degree in all human experience, but I think they do a good job of rating bias. The bias ratings below are from MBFC.

Meta - Information About the News
  • Media Bias/Fact Check - Bias watchdogs
  • PolitiFact - (center, least biased) Fact-checking for politicians and elected officials
  • PunditFact - (center, least biased) Like PolitiFact, but for pundits, memes, and other influencers in the realm of politics

Mainstream, Broad News Coverage



Focused on Investigative Journalism

More Editorial


  • Democracy Now! - (left bias) Independent program, funded by listeners, viewers, and foundations

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