How To Show My Lists Of Places On Google Maps

The Short Answer
  • Tap "Saved" at the bottom of the Maps app
  • Scroll down to "Your lists section"
  • Tap the three-dots menu to the right of the list you want to show
  • Select "Show on your map"


My wife routinely saves places in Google Maps to her "Favorites" and "Want to go" lists, but at some point she must have chosen not to show them on maps, probably because they were cluttering things. Fast forward a year, and she's super frustrated because the only saved places that show up on her maps are the items she has starred.

She searched the web, she scrolled through all her preferences, and nowhere could she find a setting that controlled whether or not items from other saved lists show up in the app.

We don't have children. So I've had to retain that magic skill to do things like program VCRs. Thankfully, I was able to solve her problem for her pretty quickly, but I can see how one might expect this option to be buried in preferences somewhere, or maybe available in a context menu accessed by long-clicking the map, or available as a "layer", like traffic or air quality numbers. Hence this little blog post. Hope it helps somebody else out there.

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