How to Pair Shokz OpenComm Headset via Bluetooth

Short Answer
  1. Start with OpenComm powered off
  2. Hold the volume up button (the "+" button) for about eight seconds, until the LED flashes red-and-blue
  3. Open your phone or laptop's Bluetooth settings, add a device, and select OpenComm by Shokz

How Can I Tell If OpenComm Headset Is On?
  1. While wearing the headset, tap the "+" button
  2. If you hear a brief message telling you your battery status, then the headset is on

Turning the Headset Off
  1. While wearing the headset, long-press the "+" button until you hear a message saying the headset has been powered off

When I do a web search for "how to connect shokz opencomm", the only instructions, search results point me to a brief video. I prefer text instructions, so I can visually skip around to the topics I need. The OpenComm headset is a great product, but I find its controls less-than-obvious, and on the rare occasion that my wife asks me for help pairing them with a new laptop, I always have to dig up instructions. Now I have a handier version... and so do you! :)

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