How to Crop a Video On Windows 10

The Short Answer:
  1. Download and install Video Proc
  2. Wade through the promo material that's loaded into the free version
  3. Click the + Video button at the top to add the video you want to crop
  4. Click the Crop button that appears below your video
  5. Check the "Enable Crop" button and choose a preset aspect ratio (for YouTube, you'll probably want 16:9)
  6. Use the cropping rectangle to define the area of your video you want to keep
  7. Click Done
  8. Finally, click the Run button to process your video -- the new file will be saved and VideoProc will open the folder where it saved it


First, you have to understand that "trimming" a video is shortening its length, while cropping a video keeps the whole length of the video but eliminates a portion of each frame. Cropping a video is like cropping a photo, whereas trimming a video is more like cutting off the start or end of a film reel.

If you want more options or a deeper explanation, I recommend this article, which is what pointed me to Video Proc.

I use Video Proc to crop screen recordings from my phone. I first found it when I was making a little promotional video for Biden Time, the Inauguration Day "Advent" calendar app I created with three friends.

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